Wednesday, August 3, 2016


2-31 AUGUST, 2016
(Applicable to Pre-need Sales Only)

Nirvana Memorial Park - Semenyih 

1. Chinese Dynasty Columbarium
Cash Rebate for :
a.) Single Urn Compartment - RM688.00 - 20% downpayment with 12 months interest free instalment plan
b.) Double Urn Compartment - RM1,188.00 - 20% downpayment with 24 months interest free instalment plan

Nirvana Memorial Garden - Semenyih 
1. Oriental Villa Columbarium (OV1 & OV2) Double Niche
Free One Set of Travel Luggage

2. Burial Plot Zone NVN - East Facing starting price RM52,000.00 (Double Plot)
Free One Set of Travel Luggage


Nirvana Memorial Park - Shah Alam
1. Ming Palace 3 (Chamber of Eternal Bliss) Columbarium (Double Niche)
Free One Set of Travel Luggage

2. Zone D Urn Burial (Double Plot)

DAA to DCC - Black Granite ~ Tomb Package Valued @ RM9,800.00
DA to DZ - Red Granite ~ Tomb Package Valued @ RM11,800.00




Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Christian Funeral Service

Mrs Tan called me one afternoon to inform of her father-in-law's passing at a hospital in Petaling Jaya.

Our Service Consultant, Steven Tai rushed to the hospital to help out in claiming the remains and explain on the Funeral Service Package.  I was away in Seremban attending to another client and could only rush back by late afternoon.

We had handled Mrs Tan's mother's funeral two years ago and she was happy with Nirvana's arrangements and services then and therefore, would do the same for her father-in-law this time.

We met at Nirvana Memorial Center, Sungai Besi in the evening together with Mr Tan to finalise the detail arrangements.

The Wake Service was held at our VIP Sunflower Suite followed by Cremation at Nirvana Shah Alam and subsequently, the Late Mr Tan's ashes was installed at the Phillipians Urn Columbarium at Nirvana Christian Memorial Garden, Semenyih.

We pray that  his soul will rest in eternal peace.

Nirvana Is Moving Forward In A Big Way

An Excerp from Focus Malaysia July 23-29 2016 

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Smoke Puja

Held at Nirvana Shah Alam Memorial Park on 17th July, 2016. Prayers was conducted by the Chief Monk - Master Kempo Nyima and his fellow assistants from Tibet. 

As this is the 4th Smoke Puja organised by Mdm Mak Ah Cheng, our Valued Customer turned good friend who not only worked hard in ferrying the Monks and Food to Nirvana Shah Alam but also contributed substantially to the offerings as well as the delicious vegetarian food.

It was a rather wet evening, however, we managed to proceed with the prayers in the shades and made use of spaces within the Tua Pek Kong Temple and its walkways without any hitches. It was teamwork that counts. 

Smoke Puja is a prayer that uses smoke from the burnt offerings i.e incense powder, food, clothing, beverages and herbal healing medicines to create spiritualized offerings for enlightened beings. This Prayer is also in remembrance of those Passengers who perished in both the Malaysia Airlines MH370 and MH17 incidents. 

Other then friends and relatives who participated in the prayers, many of our Nirvana colleagues and workers also came in droves to support the event. All prayed for this blessings to bring about good merit, clear obstacles and karmic debts and improves one's health.