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The Immortalized Splendours 
A Dream Fulfilled
The sunrise conjures up an image of poetic beauty.  So glorious and spirited.  Nirvana Memorial Park (Klang) is further invigorated by heaven's made good Chi, which is in perfect harmony with the surrounding verdant rolling hills and waterways.  Like a vigorous dragon guarding its territory, Nirvana Memorial Park (Klang) commands a superb Feng Shui to raise the spirit of a Pure Land.


金獅探水 霸氣延綿萬代興
而從風水巒頭的形法上看,山勢如龍、虎、獅、象及龜皆是吉穴;細看富貴山莊(巴生)的整體格局,如同一頭獅子,頭往內、前腳伏地、底著頭在挆前方之水,坐西向東,故"喝形""金獅探水". 俯地之獅既緩和了兇悍,卻又不失威武之霸氣,得水后更是元氣提振,乃上上之局。

Superb Feng Shui to usher in prosperity for posterity

The 220-acre Nirvana Memorial Park (Klang) distinguishes itself from others with the presence of red and yellow soils, two auspicious colours from the perspective of Feng Shui.  Red and yellow symbolize prosperity in Feng Shui's definition.

From Feng Shui's perspective, a land filled with the vibrant Chi means a world full of life.  Making it more distinctive, it is tranquil and picturesque at the same time, hence befitting an ideal final resting place.  Nirvana Memorial Park (Klang) presents a seamless natural setup that activates the power of life of all beings.  Energised by the mountains and waterways surrounding it, Nirvana Memorial Park (Klang) is an eternal resting place that lives up to the spirit of "rest in peace" while fostering prosperity for posterity.

Nirvana Memorial Park (Klang) is surrounded by verdant rolling hills with waterways in the front, hence befitting a natural Feng Shui setup that ushers in prosperity for prosperity.  Backed by the mountains at the back and guarded by a dragon  and a tiger on each side, this memorial park is blessed with an ideal Feng Shui setting.

The overall Feng Shui layout of Nirvana Memorial Park (Klang) is characterized by the auspicious East, West, Northeast and Southeast directions predominantly to accommodate different requirements based on different passing hours and dates.  This bodes will for longevity and prosperity for posterity. 

萬干佛石窟 佛光普照之歸根樂土

Breathtaking, Tranquil, Dreamy Pure Land Made in Heaven 

Nirvana Memorial Park (Klang) makes a distinction with the Buddhas Cave that exudes the dignity and beauty of Buddha.  As you step foot in it, you are greeted with many Buddha statues of different composure.  It is a showcase of the top-notch Buddhist art that marvels your eyes.

Every visit to the Buddhas Cave makes you feel good with a pleasant spiritual attachment, holding your loved ones in fond remembrance in a perfect setting that brilliantly combines sentimental and artistic beauty.

四面觀音 千手護持干眼照風

每一面觀音各自有象徵: 手把凈瓶觀音,象徵福音;手持彿珠觀音,象徵慈悲;手握蓮花觀音,象徵和平;至於手托經篋觀音,則象徵智慧。

Four-faced Guanyin Statue for Endless Blessing

The merciful Four-faced Guanyin statue stands majestically in the front portion of Three-deity Temple.  Underneath the statue of the Goddess of Mercy is a flowing waterway that carries endless wisdom and wealth.
Every Guanyin statue represents a different significance.  A Guanyin with a vase means endless blessing. The one holding Buddha beads represents mercy while a Guanyin with a lotus syumbolizes peace.  And teh one with a mantra scroll implies wisdom.


A Sacred Place with Added Blessing

An awe-inspiring stupa is erected in the middle of Nirvana Memorial Park (Klang) to protect all the sentient beings.

In Buddhism, a Buddhist stupa serves as a marker for a sacred space.  It gathers all the divine blessings to add auspiciousness to its surroundings to lift the spirits of all sentient beings.

落葉歸根 延續中華之傳統


Royal Family Burial Plot
A place called HOME

Falling leaves will always stick close to the roots of the tree.  In Chinese traditional thought, a place called home prevails against anything.  Regardless of where you are, you still find the comfort and warmth of home that reminds you of your roots, from the depths of your heart.  A home is the best shelter, spiritually.  No matter how far you go and wherever you are, there is always a time, you and your family, settlle down in a place truly called home.

This is where family memorial comes into picture.  The thought of 'back-to-the-roots' takes a strong stand.  It is designed to mark the journey home for the departed while infusing the future generations with pleasant recollections of their departed loved ones.

尊貴不朽 一脈相承的榮耀



 Super Family Burial Plot
All The Glory with Noble Eternity

This family memorial plot immortalizes the history of your family, commemorative remarks and any other remarkable accounts of your loved ones.  Every 'Family Plot' immortalizes a showcase of glory of different generations likened to a personal family courtyard that champions togetherness as you bask in the beauty of the memorial park.

Nirvana Memorial Park (Klang) is not only the final resting place that lives up to the spirit of the land of happiness, it also serves as a spiritual sanctuary for posterity to hold their departed loved ones in fond memories.  Gone are the days when people tend to associate a cemetery with the stereotype of a sombre setting that implies only a solemn and mournful recollection.  The 'Family Plot' at Nirvana Memorial Park make a distinction by offering personalized options to suit your desires tp create a unique 'palace of art' for your loved ones.

傳世珍藏 銘刻舉世非凡之記憶

Family Burial Plot - Fine craftsmanship eminent glory

Every personalized design connotes a different story worth being immortalized.  It is likened to a beautiful poem bearing an eternal magnificence.  Here, you are greeted with fond memories revolving around the hobbies, personalities and characteristics of your loved ones.  Through the beauty of art, the cherished glory of your loved ones comes alive instantly in this highly treasured Pure Land.  

Bask in the glory of your ancestors and be proud of their achievements for their immortality just lives on.

一景一墓 凝練天人和諧


Double & Single Burial Plot
Man and Nature in Perfect Harmony

Nirvana Memorial Park (Klang) presents itself in a very orderly manner with landscaping inspired by its natural surroundings.  Picturesque and tranquil, it soothes the soul and warms the heart.  For the departed, it is simply and idyllic final resting place to rest in peace.  For the living, it fosters prosperity generation after generation.

For added peace of mind and convenience, the memorial park is diligently managed through a systematic and comprehensive maintenance support with modern facilities,wide paved roads and ample parking spaces.

It also comes with a variety of burial plot choices, which include royal family, super family, family, double and single plots, with different tomb  designs catering to the needs of the Buddhists, Taoists, Christians and others.

天囯意境 一座專屬的安息園

Christian Memorial Park
Heaven's Made Eternal Resting Place

Inspired by the fantasy of 'Kingdom of Heaven', the Christian Memorial Park is a dignified yet graceful eternal resting place for Christians.  It is laid out in a very orderly manner consisting of varied burial plots and a columbarium.  The good news is that customers are given the option  to choose their preferred headstone designs.  The memorial park is harmonized with pleasant scenery in a tranquil environment, hence befitting an ideal final resting place for the Christians





The Three-saints with Eternal Blessings
The three-saint temple is where you comfort your heart with spiritual tranquility as you hold your loved ones in remembrance in an environment that brings you closer to the nature with a breathtaking scenery.
It is a majestic structure that fascinates you with a marvelous design that perfectly blends in ancient and modern architectural vibes for a strong sense of peace, auspiciousness and tranquility.

萬佛壇 眷顧大千世界


Three-saints Temple with Divine Blessings

Standing majestically in the middle of the Three-saint Temple is a column filled with countless Buddha statues.  The ceiling is crafted with many exquisite Buddha motifs to usher in more divine blessings while the harmonious lighting connotes the presence of an auspicious dragon to guarding over its surroundings.

水鄕前的顯貴之居 續寫生前榮光



Magnificent Columbarium for Distinctive Eminence

This is an awe-inspiring columbarium that invokes the fond remembrance of your loved ones.  Elegant and classy, it sets in motion a feel-good atmosphere to seek the divine blessings for your loved ones in a charming setting inspired by nature.

The vibrant water waves are further harmonized with blue sky and white clouds.  Outside the columbarium, there are the distinctive horse-head gable designs to tell the proud stories of the departed, which are destined for eternity.



Nirvana, Asia's largest Integrated Bereavement Care Provider
Nirvana, Asia's largest integrated bereavement care provider, has been providing services to Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, China and Vietnam since its founding in 1990.  A winner of numerous international awards for its world-class products and services.  It is the definitive provider of professional, detailed and one-stop bereavement care services, giving both the deceaesd and the living the peace of mind they deserve. 


精心維護 管理服務現代化


Modern Facilities under Permanent Management Trust
For added peace of mind, Nirvana Asia Group is maintained under a Permanent Management trust perpetually.  It only requires a one-off maintenance fee upon the purchase of any packages.  The interest returns that we generate through the Permanent Management Trust will be used for thew maintenance of the roads, landscaping and the 24 hour security service.




SINGLE (6'X18') - RM19,000.00 onwards
DOUBLE (12'X18') - RM37,200.00 onwards
MAJESTIC 1 FAMILY PLOT (24'X36') - RM217,800.00 onwards
ROYAL 1 FAMILY PLOT (48'X72') - RM1,187,800.00 onwards

Launching Special Offer - additional 10% discount on Land Price for first 300 confirm sales on first come first serve basis

Payment Mode :

20% downpayment with :
Single - 24 months interest free instalment
Double - 36 months interest free instalment
Family - 48 interest free instalment
Royal - 60 interest free instalment

Lower Down Payment for Zone E & F Double Plots
For any purchase with 2 units and above with interest free instalment plan

1 unit x 20% downpayment 
Single - 24 months / Double - 36 months

2 units x 15% downpayment
Single - 36 months / Double - 48 months

3 units x 10% downpayment
Single - 36 months / Double - 48 months

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*No Interment is allowed until 1 December, 2018

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