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Saturday, April 25, 2015


A Five Star Magnificent Columbarium combined with Impressively Dignified Ceremonial Halls, Nirvana Center, Kuala Lumpur is dedicated to the Buddhist, Taoist and Christian faiths.

Nirvana Center, Kuala Lumpur, is strategically located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur City Center,  a mere 2km from the prominent landmarks i.e. KLCC, KL Central or KL Tower, providing top notch comfort and coziness to the families who prefer conveniences and peacefulness while paying respect and homage to their departed loved ones.

The center presents one-stop amenities to the bereaved families to relieve them from the "running-around" while conducting a funeral.  Nirvana Center, Kuala Lumpur is well appointed with florist, restaurant, convenience store, 24 hours security service and most importantly, an environment that exudes a sense of tranquility to calm an otherwise, grief-stricken mind.

Nirvana Center, Kuala Lumpur will be operational in stages commencing from the 4th quarter of 2017. A total of 11 parlors and 100,000 units of niches will be available in this building that comprises of a total of 18 floors with 2 levels of ample basement parking lots.

Attractive offers come along now, with the soft launching ceremony opened by our Founder cum Managing Director, Dato' David Kong Hon Kong on 24th April, 2015 held at the Connexion@Nexus, Bangsar South which saw more then 1,000 agents and invited guests gathered and witnessed the event with much enthusiastic response.
Niche selling price starts from RM9,800.00 and up to RM33,800.00 for a double urn compartment, with a one time maintenance fees ranging from RM3,000.00 to RM4,000.00 depending on the product.  Enjoy a SPECIAL DISCOUNT of RM1,500.00 from now until 30th April, 2015. 

A complimentary full body health check voucher will also be given to niche priced at RM15,000.00 and above.

Payment can be made by paying a 20% downpayment and the balance to pay up to 48 interest free monthly instalments via all major credit cards.

Please call : 012-3704884 for Jenny Yap should you wish to find out more details.

Soft Launching Ceremony on 24/4/2015 at Connexion@Nexus, Bangsar South
by Dato' David Kong Hon Kong, Nirvana Founder cum Managing Director

Location Map to Nirvana Center, Kuala Lumpur

In the heart of Kuala Lumpur City 

Amenities and Facilities


Glimpses to the Niche Door Designs

And the Interior


Friday, April 17, 2015

Nirvana - 2nd Quarter Promotions ending 30th June, 2015


Nirvana Memorial Park, Semenyih ~ old zone

Double Burial Plot - Cash Rebate at RM2,000.00 with 24 months interest free instalment

Family Plot - Cash Rebate at RM4,000.00 with 48 months interest free instalment

Nirvana Memorial Garden - New Zone

In conjunction with Nirvana 25th year anniversary, a collaboration with Poh Kong Jewelry to present a 0.5 carat  ( Double Plot )  or
a 1.0 carat  ( Family Plot ) "Saluting Eternity" Diamond Ring for purchaser who purchase at :


with payment up to 60 months interest free instalment

Alternatively, purchaser can opt for a cash rebate in lieu of the Diamond Ring:

Double Plot - RM2,000.00  or
Family Plot - RM4,000.00



A cash rebate for all pre-need purchase for:

Single Urn Compartment @ RM500.00 + 1 Complimentary full body health check medical voucher

Double Urn Compartment @RM1,500.00 + 2 Complimentary full body health check medical vouchers

> Tang Villa 1 & 2
> Ming Palace 1, 2 & 3
> Perpetual Garden

Purchase with purchase (PWP)

Additionally, a 20% discount on Niche Price for purchaser who wish to make a further purchase on the second niche at Ming Palace 3 Double Urn Compartment
(This is applicable to Pre-need and As-need purchase, WITHOUT complimentary full body health check voucher.)


In conjunction with Nirvana 25th year anniversary, a collaboration with Poh Kong Jewelry to present a 0.5 carat "Saluting Eternity" Diamond Ring ( Double Urn Compartment at Ming Palace 3 First Floor)  or receive a cash rebate of RM2,000.00 in lieu of the 0.5 carat Diamond Ring.)

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Bahá’í Funeral

Mdm Chow's husband left one evening after a short illness.

I have promised her that I will hold her hand to go thru the entire funeral process and she could prepare her late husband's funeral in full Bahá’í customary.

I was by her side from the moment we claimed his remains from the hospital until the burial has taken place. Making sure that all arrangements were looked into including food, transport, altar and guests' comfort during the night prayers.

This was one of few times we have conducted a Bahá’í funeral service, and we are thankful to have the combined effort from some of the senior Bahá’í members to help in preparing the remains in their very own way.  And the chanting of “Alláh-u-Abhá,” was also heard on arrival when we brought the late Mr Lim remains back to his home. The house was full of friends and relatives waiting to receive him, some gathered outside the house and some were helping to clear the hall way for the casket to move in.  It was passed mid-night. I can see that Mr Lim was so well loved by all.

The late Mr Lim Kok Hoon was a very devoted and well known leader within the Bahá’í community.  He travelled nationwide to meet with people of the same faith and even stayed up with them for weeks, if not months in the remote areas, preaching the teachings of the Bahá'u'lláh, the founder of the Bahá’í faith.

He was most passionate in helping the Natives.  Bridging them by translating many prayer books to their language.  Many of them attended his prayers session during the two nights wake service and were reduced to tears by the songs sang specially dedicated to the man they respected. 

To the Bahá’í's faithful, Mr Lim Kok Hoon's passing is a great loss. But they also believe that when death occurs, the body returns to the world of dust, while the soul continues to progress in the spiritual worlds of God.

We pray that you rest in eternal peace - Mr Lim.

The Nine Pointed Star on the Headstone, a symbol of perfection
Tomb Warming Day, almost 100th day after the funeral

Family and friends gathered once again to pray for the late Mr Lim


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Remains Relocation Service

Remains relocation has been part of our services all these years, other than our normal day to day marketing of "Final Resting Place" and "Funeral Service Package" as known to the general public.

As a reliable and responsible agent tasked by our client's family to oversee the entire process of relocating their beloved ancestor, we manage our job and enlighten our client every step of the way to the minute possible in order to fulfill the trust bestowed upon us.

Complete with the latest IT technologies, we even do live postings on social platforms i.e whats-app, viber or twitting to keep the families abroad abreast with the progress.  We are fully aware that everyone is eager to know if everything is going smoothly at the burial site.

Mr Lim's family got in touched with me one day to find out if I can help out in relocating their late father who was buried at the Ulu Yam Lama Chinese Cemetery, Selangor to Nirvana Shah Alam, Ming Palace Columbarium.  I gave them a thorough presentation and showed them my passed experiences that we are a team of highly professional and responsible people who place client's needs as our first priority.

After choosing an ideal Urn Compartment for their late father's new home, we moved on to engage an honorable Hokkian Sai Kong (Taoist Priest), Master Lim, to conduct the rituals both at the Ulu Yam cemetery as well as the installation ceremony at the new urn compartment.  This is to lead and invite the soul from the burial ground to rest in peace at his new place. The prayers process was being observed thoroughly and seriously as relocation is a matter that cannot be taken lightly.

The process also included having Master Lim to go to Mr Lim's house to install the Ancestral Pedestal after the relocation exercise. That way, the family can take comfort that their beloved father has been brought back to a place much closer to the children and most importantly, Mr Lim's mother was all smile seeing all the photos uploaded live during the process and feeling relieved that her wish to bring him back was being fulfilled satisfactorily.

The Old Cemetery at Ulu Yam Lama, Selangor

Sai Kong Master Lim conducting prayer prior to the exhumation work

While the digging takes place, the family proceeded to have their morning tea as the process of reaching to the casket may take an hour or so

Proper documentation have to be done 10 days prior to the actual exhumation day, that including "Site Recci" to identify the tomb with the family members

Ash Urn arrived safely at Nirvana Shah Alam.  Prayer at the "Tua Pek Kong" temple as a mark of arrival and to pay respect to the God

Full prayer offerings including food and paraphernalia well prepared by our team so that the family need not have to worry about going round to hunt for them

Master Lim is seen clearing the Compartment before installation of the urn

It is normally the Senior male from the family (the son/s) who will be tasked to check the alignment of the urn's position to ensure that the deceased is being placed in proper disposition