Saturday, February 28, 2009


I have recently completed a very satisfactory funeral service to the father of a member from the SOKA GAKKAI MALAYSIA (SGM), Kuala Lumpur Branch 馬來西亞創價學會.

With the family's kind permission, I am able to share with all of you our appointed and personalised services that helped make a lasting and fond memory to the immediate family.

Most important of all is that our distinct "Nirvana" Funeral Service Package殯葬配套 (FSP)
which attained International ISO 9001 quality management standard was delivered without a flaw and this has made it very difficult for others to emulate. To top it all up, all these were delivered within an affordable and competitive price range.

There is a vast difference on the funeral requirements between the ordinary Taoist and that of the SGM. The SGM's requirements are basically much more simpler which helped cut down many services and thus bringing down almost 50% of the normal package price and yet members get to enjoy the full fledge facilities and comprehensive services provided in the centre that pledged for a Dignified Farewell.

For further details, please feel free to contact the undersigned, Jenny Yap at : 03-56367110 or 012-3704884 for more information on the Funeral Service Package. Thank You!

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here for more information pertaining to Nirvana Funeral Service Package.
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